We’re a team of health-concerned individuals that want to show another side of Streatham aside from all its ice-related beauty.

Our Streatham is Only Remembered During the Snow

When apparently, Streatham’s ice arenas and other areas close down during the spring and summer.

We Show Alternatives To Ice Sports and Diets

We’re a group of Health Instructors, who aim to show you there’s another form of exercise rather than just ice hockey or winter sports. You could also do some boxing, basketball, volleyball or even tennis in our area.

Our Aim Is To Help You Find The Right Exercise Routine For You

and finally help yourself become the best you could be on a physical and mental basis. You are awesome, but you’re only awesome if you try really hard.

We Want To Lower The Overweight Numbers In The Country

We all know what the problem is. If you’re interested in helping us, do check out our contact page!

We hope you find

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