Is Gardening a Sport?

There are a lot of ways to sweat away and keep fit but one that they say is most effective would be to engage yourself in sports. From basketball, football, tennis and a whole lot more, you can just choose one that you can do regularly to have yourself the body and weight that you aim for, for instance.

But a question has arisen: “Is gardening a sport?”

Working in the garden, whether just as a simple homeowner or a professional, can vary, more so in regards to the workload. You can opt to perform little tasks or take this line seriously. Either way, it is said that gardening is indeed a therapeutic and rewarding activity.

In any case, to answer the aforementioned question, we would like to think so. Gardening is a sport because you are required to do a lot of movement – standing, sitting, bending, walking and even running – there is just no room to stay stationary, except if you are planning to, say, plant one whole flower bed on a specific area. With such motions, it is evident that you are going to use up a lot of physical and even mental energy. As you handle soil, compost, rocks and other elements, there is no doubt you will have the workout you intend to have.

And like any other sports, gardening also comes with tools and equipment. They do not necessarily have to be a ball but they are in forms such as that of gloves, knee pads, caps and other body coverings to protect gardeners against injuries and the like. Mowers and wheelbarrows are around as well and they are vital for many of the tasks at hand.

You even need to do fitness stretches before you actually go on the field (read: garden). Simple stretches can help so that you can be comfortable during the whole duration of your labour.  Professionals like the landscape gardeners Brockley have performed such practice before any of their work to keep them ready for the day. You should do this too!

Anyhow, all sports can come with danger. Accidents cannot be avoided, especially when you are so focused on what you are doing. You may have been hurt as you shovelled. There are a number of scenarios that can happen and it may happen the least you expect them to. As you sit and bend down to a very great extent, you can even experience some shoulder and/or knee pain. That is why it is of extreme importance that you do some stretching before you tackle on gardening.

As you see these points, you can really see that it is rightful that we call gardening a sport. There is the need for preparation, enough knowledge and skill, energy and motivation to accomplish it. And with this sport, there comes a fulfilling purpose too: to emerge an outdoor expanse that is full of life with the plants, flowers and landscape around. When these are done well, all the hard work shall then pay off.